Wow.....What a crazy dream!

Blog Post created by aaron.allred4891 on Aug 2, 2020

I don't even know where to begin on this one.  I've been having crazy dreams since I started taking antidepressants over a year ago, and my dreams have become more vivid and realistic, but then I quit smoking, and it seems like my dreams are becoming even more realistic and intense.  They're incorporating so many real world scenarios and situations, making it a whole other reality for me.


This dream I had was about working at Red Robin as a busser, which I did for about a year part time for some extra cash.  Everyone that was in my dream were real people, one of my old supervisors, and the manager of the store, and in my dream, their behavior was just like that of what it would be in real life.  I dreamed that I was called in to bus tables, and the restaurant was 100 % occupied, no seat was empty, and I started arguing with the managers that no one was wearing a mask and that the governor just reduced occupancy down to 25% in restaurants because of the spread, they acted like they didn't care, which was kind of typical of their behavior when I worked their in real life.  So I yelled at them, and eventually through a plate at the wall, and told them I was reporting them to the Governor.  Then my dream shifted to me in a military outfit, and I was walking through this giant warehouse, and these older ladies in wheel chairs were hugging me goodbye and telling me to be safe.  After hugging the ladies I heard my name being shouted, and then I was handed a piece of paper saying I was furloughed from the military by the governor, that I didn't have to go to the war because it was unjust and that anyone who didn't want to go to war didn't have too, and would remain safe  in Michigan. Then my dream jumped to me watching all these other military personnel hiding inside a cave on cliff, and they were tracking movement in tunnels that attached to that cave, then all of a sudden these giant people come out and start killing them.  Then I woke up.  Now normally, I would have gotten up and smoked, because that dream was stressing me out.  Instead I took a deep breath, decided to come tell you all about my dream, and now I will go pop my NRT lozenge.  I ordered 2 more boxes, and decided that I won't buy anymore.  After I'm out, I'm done, and finished with any kind of nicotine.  Here's to being fully nicotine free in 2 1/2 months, maybe sooner.  Thanks for reading my dream story, it was kind of a rough night for dreaming.


Aaron 12 DOF