Blog Post created by ZerahYAH on Oct 25, 2020

GOOD EVENING My wonderful, smoke-free community! I first want to thank my heavenly father for allowing me to open my eyes on this fine day. I also want to thank all you guys who have made me feel so at home here. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across such a great group of people. It is my great pleasure to celebrate day #4 in my smoke-free journey!! It feels AMAZING   ! There have been cravings but I’m amazingly shocked at my growing ability to dodge them is turning out quite successfully. I am a little nervous though about my weight because I was already battling with weight when I smoked. But now that I’ve quit I notice that I’m snacking more. I try to make the snacks as healthy as I can but I seem to be gravitating to sweets a lot more than before. But I am doing well & I look forward to the milestones I will achieve along the way. Have a great day!