Handling Anger & Frustration

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Sep 6, 2020

I shared about a month ago that my computer was acting up, and now that I don't smoke over it, I fully experienced THAT particular frustration.  It's one of the only things in my life that can send me directly OVER THE EDGE!. Couldn't hide from it; had to experience it - and it was NOT pretty.  I am the proud owner and use  a 120+ year old secretary's roll top desk, and I SLAMMED  that roll top closed in my anger and frustration - - - - - -  and the slats fell apart.  THEN I was not only frustrated with my computer, but aghast and angry at myself for breaking something that I rescued from an attic where it had survived for probably 80 years, in all that heat and neglect..  I LOVE this desk, and cherish the opening and closing routine each day.  Devastated and angry with myself - oh, yeah.  But - I have learned not to smoke to hide from both and to instead deal.


SO - I asked for help from my daughter for the computer, and started asking around to find someone to fix my desk.  I found the MOST wonderful man in my village who came and picked it up, repaired not only the roll top, but the drawer that came apart when I took it out for transport, the discoloration on the desktop surface from my laptop heat, AND stained a decorative piece I had made years ago and never got around to finishing.  He delivered it back to me in less than two weeks and charged ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WAIT for it...................................................................


See?  There really wasn't a reason to smoke over it!  SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I didn't!