But I'm Not Smoking Over It!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Jul 25, 2020

I live in a 1890's Victorian with a cement floored, stone walled cellar that gets water in it.  Only has the furnace, hot water heater and a bit of unused outdoor furniture in it.  There is a drain channel into a sump pump.  We had almost 2" of rain last night in about an hour.  I have been keeping a floor fan plugged into its outlet to try to keep it dried out in between waterings- so luckily last night after the heaviest rain had passed about 9, I went down to plug in the sump.  I found about an inch of water on the floor, the pump well overflowing.  BUT - when I plugged in the sump, it didn't start running!  CRAP!  Thank Heavens I had bought a small back-up pump, so found it, dragged the 50' hose from the lower 40 where I use it to extend my hose to the woodland garden,  hooked the pump up, then went in and out around the exterior of the house to the stairs and up and down them for about an hour to keep my eye on it (it doesn't have a dry turn off - and it would overheat if left on with no water pumping).. 

When I was a smoker, this woulda' been probably a full pack event.   SO glad I don't do that anymore!

Going down again shortly to check on it. 

SO glad I'm not smoking over it!