Yet Here I AM - EIGHT Years Quit!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Jul 4, 2020

The first day I quit was the longest of my life.  I ate frozen Hershey Kisses until I was ready to throw up and couldn't eat even one more.  It was only 2:00 PM!  THAT was my plan, so I didn't have the foggiest idea what I was going to do.


Yet Here I Am - Eight Years Quit


My daughter brought me her iPad and Angry Birds.  It frustrated me to no end.  But - I kept at it, because I didn't have a better idea!


Yet Here I Am - Eight Years Quit


I played Angry Birds 14 hours a day for at least that first week, and never really got any better at it


Yet Here I Am - Eight Years Quit


I didn't find The Ex, Allen Carr and this wonderful support until the fourth day of my quit.


Yet Here I Am - Eight Years Quit


I made the decision that I was not going to smoke again NO MATTER WHAT.  I never argued with myself about it. I honored that decision that first day and every day going forward.


I read everything recommended here, followed the advice given, and took it one day (sometimes an hour or 15 minutes) at a time.  I asked questions when I had them, and for support when I needed it.



Take heart if you are just starting out.  You are no different; your challenge no greater that mine.  You CAN do this, one day at a time!



July 4th!