Stress Level and Smoking

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Mar 12, 2020

I have had my taxes done cheaply by a friend for years; he retired and I was on my own this year  Decided to use Turbo Tax and was moving right along....still grumbling about having to type the same Required Minimum Distribution payer ID, name, address, etc. separately instead of the program figuring it out, but after about three hours, I got to the point where both Federal and State were ready to be filed......hit "File" and the screen FROZE - it just FROZE!


I got on chat and the "helpful" person obviously had no independent knowledge of how the program worked and only had a book from which to look for an answer, and it apparently didn't have one.  I have a BIT of computer savvy and knew what they were suggesting had a high probability of causing the loss of  all of the information I had so painstakingly entered.  No WAY was I doing I just walked away from it.  Just walked away.  I didn't smoke; I didn't yell or scream, I just walked away, ate my lunch,  called a friend WITH some computer knowledge.  Turns out I needed to turn my ad blocker off, re-enter my driver's license ID, other info for the Feds and VOILA  - they filed!  THEN I got e-mails saying they had been rejected by the Feds and State.  I did not need to smoke, yell or scream. I left the e-mails sitting there and got my dinner, read for awhile, THEN opened the e-mails.  Turns out I had transposed two in the string of  the payer ID number for an RMD.  Fixed that and



Smoking was NOT required!

I promise you will be able to deal with life's travails if you quit smoking.  It's actually EASIER to do so!