You Don't HAVE To Quit Smoking

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Aug 26, 2019


"How often do you say "I have to" when you could say "I get to"? I get to go to the gym. I get to work and earn money. I get to take care of people I love. It's a real game changer when you start seeing your obligations as opportunities. Read more:"


You get to quit smoking!  It is totally within your control.  What a different spin on that!  It is not an obligation, but something you can do - for yourself, for those who love you.


If you are in the early stages, stay focused.  It is so worth it.  If you are further along, guard your quit with your life - because your life really IS at stake.  You get to decide.  How cool is that??!!


Happy Monday!  Decide it's gonna' be a GREAT week!