Life is ALWAYS going to happen...

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Jul 5, 2018

but you get to decide how you will respond to it.

First thing this morning I brought my usual travel mug of coffee to my computer.  My crutch fell, somehow knocked the lid off the mug, both went flying, as did coffee EVERYWHERE.  Fast forward to do a little bit of work in a flower garden.  Open the garage to get my shears and do just a bit - but it was 90 degrees by 10 and I was boiling, so I put the shears away, came into the AC, and hit the remote to close the free standing garage.  Nada reaction - zero, zip!  SO - back out in the heat, climbed around my Ex's leftover cars to get to the interior close switch...back through the garage and back out the back door.  THEN I took my screwdriver for the thumbtacks to get down the bunting hung from the front porch ledge - and immediately dropped the screwdriver behind the bushes to the ground.  Came inside, and got another screwdriver.  It started to thunder so I decided to close my newly refurbished and painted 120 year old find out they didn't put the shutters back on the correct windows - and none of the hooks and eyes are lined up, nor do some of the shutters meet in the center of the window.

THEN I broke a window candle bulb, cut my finger - and before I noticed the cut , I had bloody fingerprints all over the curtains.

I have decided I am not going to smoke over any of it.

I also have decided to sit and watch TV for the rest of the day.

Remember - it's a DECISION how you will respond to a lousy, rotten, no good day.  Just make the right one!