UPDATE!  ANOTHER Health Problem from Smoking!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on May 10, 2018

Update:  Went to the University of Maryland Dental School and met with the professor who is  head of it (I have connections) for my dire dental problems (the underlying teeth that were all capped have failed).  In discussing implants, I asked about bone health and Prolia or the other shots in particular.  His eyes got really BIG and he said "NO!  You don't need jaw necrosis!" So - that ended that!!!  Going back on Fosamax so at least I am doing SOMETHING!


Went to the rheumatologist yesterday for another bone scan.  They continue to soften.  He said it doesn't matter what you eat, the supplements you take, the sunshine you gather, the exercise you do, if you are a petite woman, your chances of osteoporosis are 100%.   If you are a petite woman who smokes, your bones will begin to deteriorate earlier and worsen faster.  FACT!

He wanted me to give myself a daily injection - and not the auto kind - I mean a 1/2 NEEDLE every DAY for two years.  I told him I might get my nerve up to do it once a month, but it simply was not going to happen every day.  Will do the Prolia shot every six months, and hope that helps.

The lesson?