The season is changing!  The season is changing!

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Mar 20, 2018

When you quit smoking, you work to relearn your life as an Ex.  Smoking was a part of almost every ritual/chore/day of your adult life.   As you move forward, you make NEW memories for your associations and triggers

However, there are things you associate with smoking that you did only sparingly - usually when the seasons change.  You sat and enjoyed the weather as Spring arrived, you rewarded a chore done with a cold drink on your porch in the Summer, you smoked when you took a break from raking leaves in the Fall.  You had rituals around the Winter holidays - parties, family get togethers.  You haven't repeated them enough to make new memories for them.

You need to remain cautious for the first two years after your quit.  You may find smoking memories polluting your mind this Spring.  Don't be alarmed - these ARE just memories and you will be making new ones as you move ahead.

Be prepared - not surprised!