Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Jun 19, 2017

whether you are quitting smoking or going to your pool on crutches!

Last week I ventured to my summer pool for the first time, and just automatically grabbed my pool bag. It was in the 90's, and by the time I lugged that heavy thing with one handle of my crutch through the parking lot, up the stairs, and across the pool deck to a chair, I thought I was going to DIE. I was only allowed to float anyway – which, for me, lasted barely 5 minutes before I was bored to tears (I usually swim laps) – but I dreaded trying to get that bag back to the car. I made it – but was hot and tired when I got home, and was not looking forward to my next trip – even though this week I could water walk.


This morning,though, I had an “AHA” moment. I decided to go through that bag to see what was essential. Did I really need a cover-up that only served me when I was traveling there? Nope! Since I couldn't swim laps, did I REALLY need a cap, goggles and ear plugs? Nope! Did I REALLY need to moisturize after my shower AT the pool, or could I change it up and wait until I was home? Yep! If I did my visit differently and stayed in the shade, did I really need sunscreen and a hat? Nope! I reduced the amount I carried to a small backpack, hung my towel around my neck and made it to the pool with no hassle, wear OR tear.....and thoroughly enjoyed two sessions of water walking.


And your quit? Think about how you can change things up! Can you get up from the table and start the dishes right away? Can you get out of bed, put on your tennis shoes and hit the sidewalk BEFORE your shower and coffee? Can you find a different way to work or the store to change up the scenery?


Some forethought and planning can go a long way! (and I hope you never have to go to YOUR pool on crutches!!!)