Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Jun 8, 2017

I had just finished a Kindle book, had purchased the next in the series and when I turned a page ----- was told the “sample” was finished and asked if I wanted to buy the book. So – I call Amazon.


TWO hours later, after syncing and re-syncing and turning it on and off and going to the menu and settings and on and on the tech tells me it's probably a wifi problem and has me disconnect the router. The keyboard on the Kindle doesn't have a caps lock and you have to select ABC or 123 as you go. The password (indicated as “Password” on my router) is caps, numbers, lower case. He had me reenter this about 40 times (thinking I was not getting it right). There was one character that could have been a $, a S, or a 5 and an = included. I tried them ALL to no avaiL.   FINALLY I remember that I had seen the Kindle with a message while sitting on my table that it was UPDATING.. When I mention THIS, the tech goes AHA and orders me a new Kindle..............He tells me to call Verizon and request a password with only letters and numbers for the new one.


I call Verizon, FINALLY get through to Tech Support and ask for a new password. He says, “your password only HAS letters and numbers.” WHAT? Turns out the “password” for the Kindle is ACTUALLY the WPA2 Key. It consists of about 17 characters, caps and small and numbers. I enter it, restart the Kindle and BINGO – it's fixed.


THEN I go to brush my teeth and hear drip, drip, drip coming from the sink pipe.


Yep – it would have been a three pack day – but I don't DO that anymore – so I just went to BED!


Life is ALWAYS going to happen. Smoking is NOT required!