Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on May 7, 2017

I went to my PT yesterday for crutch lessons.  When I told him the ortho wanted "non-weight bearing only," he told me that meant keeping the broken leg off the floor - for EIGHT weeks (and even that doesn't guarantee healing).   My arms are not strong enough to do that consistently, so I am doing toe touches with the bad leg.  This has caused my formerly sprained ankle on the OTHER leg to wake up and start screaming at me. 


I can't weed or mulch my flower gardens or add annuals, or vacuum or dust or clean the bathrooms, or clean off my front porch and summer furniture,  or go to the Farmer's Market for spring veggies and plants to make my many hanging baskets (I won't be able to keep them watered) or cut perennials that are blooming to bring inside.  My daughter will help with the necessities (what SHE determines is "necessary").  You all might understand how devastating all this is to someone who basically never sits still, who loves to work in her yard, and loves a clean house.  And, I am not ill enough to not care!!!!!  And I haven't even mentioned my love of walks along the river and swimming laps.


But - and this is where the process for quitting smoking comes in ---- I can fight this, and be depressed about it, or I can understand it's temporary, accept what is, and be as comfortable with it as I can. There, hopefully, is a light at the end of this tunnel.   I am working to see it!!!.  Right now I am in mourning for what I want but cannot do.    I guess this will be a journey, just like quitting smoking, and, perhaps, like quitting smoking, it will also get easier over time.


I won't smoke over it - because I know that would not help, but hurt , the healing process.  But - I won't guarantee I won't eat a TON of chocolate (and perhaps a bit of ice cream, too!)