Back from the Orthopedist

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on May 5, 2017

Just got back from doctor #3 - Bing!  Bing!  Bing!  We have a winner!  FINALLY found somebody who seems to know what he's talking about.  The MRI showed the meniscus tear, but also a hairline fracture in the weight bearing edge of the femur (the femur makes a kind of saddle at the knee--with the kneecap in the middle) and THAT is what was causing the excruciating pain – I guess a fracture will do that!   I started using crutches yesterday after I saw the MRI conclusions  - I told doc he was the third and the only one with what I thought was the right answer.  He asked who told me to use the crutches and I said, "ME!"  He laughed. I started on the crutches yesterday, started my day with no pain - and only so far have taken one Aleve ---- so I kinda' knew he was on track.  End result?  I am on non-weight bearing status for 8 weeks - crutches and crutches ONLY.  ALL the time - everywhere!  I am also getting one of those huge hinged braces to keep it immobilized. 

I guess it's better than surgery.......maybe!