We've Come A Long Way In The USA

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Mar 7, 2017

I was in the Zurich airport in October, preparing to fly home from my dream trip with my daughter when, much to my surprise (and horror),  I spotted THIS:


I also saw one sponsored by Camel - and I suppose there were probably others.  They still smoke everywhere in Europe.- In Germany, all of the restaurants and cafes had outdoor seating overflowing with smokers, even when it was chilly out.  I imagine they are there when it's cold, too!  There were cigarette machines everywhere  - even attached to the sides of buildings, so zero supervision on the ages of the purchasers.

When I was a smoker, this would have made me happy ---- what a difference a quit makes!

Big Tobacco is still making zillions - disturbing,  isn't it?