Changing It Up

Blog Post created by Youngatheart.7.4.12 on Feb 26, 2017

I sprained my right ankle in January - and, after a bit when the unseasonably warm weather hit, i set about cleaning out my flower beds of winter debris, picking up sticks, all limping pretty badly.  Eventually, from walking so awkwardly, I sprained a muscle/tendon or something in the back of my LEFT knee.    I now have two choices.  I can use crutches and not be able to carry anything, or limit my walking.

Now - my usual modus operandi is to INCREASE my steps to get to my 10,000-15,000 goal each day.  To do that, I DON'T organize myself that well.  If it takes five trips to the garage to get the garden tools I need, that's a GOOD thing.  But, NOW, I need to rethink how I am doing things, and keep my steps to a minimum to allow healing and reduce pain.

I need to change up how I do things.  I need to think before I act. 

Remind anyone of what it takes to quit smoking?  Hope so!