You Have To Do WHATEVER It Takes

Blog Post created by YoungAtHeart on Sep 26, 2019

The PT folks in the last place I was with this broken tibia marveled at my determination.    I got 99% effort on the arm bike, and aimed for 100% the next day.  To my dismay, the machine only had two digits (luckily they told me that BEFORE I started in on it).  Hurt?  Keep moving!  Challenged? Work harder!  I have a 6" step, then a patio, then an 8" step to get inside my house. I was non-weight bearing on the broken leg at that point.   To prepare to come home, they wanted me to put a walker on top of each step and hop on one leg (in the air!!!!)  up to it.  I was TERRIFIED of that  (I only had to miss 6" or 8"  by a smidge and would have done a face plant!) - and after being successful, I was literally shaking all over....but I kept at it until my knee trembling in fear did not allow me to continue.  I FINALLY got a PT who found an easy fix to the dilemma - put a chair without arms on top of the step, back up to the step - and SIT on it!  Turn sideways, get up, move the chair up to the final step and SIT down on it!!  It is STILL amazing to me that they had me trying that hop for four sessions!  Thank God for the last one!!!!  BUT - I would have done it if that's what it took to get home!!!


You have to do whatever it takes to be successful at quitting smoking.  Don't allow your mind to accept failure!  It CAN be done; you just have to believe that you can!  I made the decision and quit on my first attempt seven plus years ago.  You CAN do it, too.  Just use your mind to good purpose!