Give This The Time It Takes

Blog Post created by YoungAtHeart on Aug 5, 2019

Did you ever tackle a big project, knowing you were going to have to chip away at it, a little at a time?  Maybe it was a garage, attic, or basement clean-out, or a purge before you moved, or your parent's home?  You didn't expect to get this over with in a day or two, or probably even several weeks.


It took me an entire summer about eight years ago,  but I cleared a section of newly formed woods from my property with only a hand saw, a shovel, a rake and, eventually, a garden weasel.  Started with the locust trees and scrub cherry trees, cut them all down, and into sections.  All tolled, there were about 30 of them. I then pulled out all the grapevine and ground ivy, then the regular weeds.  Did have to get someone in to grind the tree stumps.  To my horror, though, locust trees will shoot up NEW trees all along their remaining root I then had to dig up all the locust tree roots, too. Finished with the garden weasel to break up the dirt, then raked, seeded and put straw down over the area.  I just kept at it, one day at a time, mostly only in the early mornings when it was cooler.   I still marvel that I did it, and enjoy the cleared grassy area to this day!


Kinda' like quitting smoking? This is a journey, with lots of hard work and things to discover along the way.  So - just as any other big project, you need to give it the time it takes.  And - it's gonna' take awhile - so don't expect immediate results.  be patient - the end result, like the garage clean out, is going to be worth it!