Blog Post created by Yess on Jun 24, 2017

Gosh, it feels like this has been going on forever yet the calendar is showing me just a month!  The weather has messed us up a bit, the heat was so bad  this week they just had to quit for a couple of days. Still, great progress has been made in spite of re-dos and me changing my mind, back and forth swapping out pedestal sink for vanity sink, back to pedestal! Swapping out faucet set for a better set. The tank-less water unit for a second tank-less unit and finally put my gas water tank back!  Choosing what to put on the wall (for bath/shower surround) was a pain for me as I couldn't really decide on a tile - I am not fond of tile so I finally chose a sheeting material that I really like now it's up!  My worker was dubious as he thought it might look cheap and very, very "white"!  Even he is surprised at how good it looks after all Then there was lighting oh dear, I just want a soft light over the tub and settled for brighter LED next to the closet which will actually give light over to the mirror too if I want it.  I don't use makeup so what do I need a bright light for but to see in the closet!.  This is a really, really small bathroom - who would have thought it would be so tricky to design!!!  Oh but I LOVE my tub!  I like how it looks, how it feels and can't wait till the project is finished. Another week? (she says optimistically). My guy is here today (normally leaves me free for the weekend) as Monday is looking to be high 90's and I encourage them not to try and work here in that heat, as much as I and they, want to finish.  And the smoking? They have been great since I spoke up - not one cig or pack left behind and I swear they even wait till they leave to light up if I'm home!  It doesn't bother me if they light up or if I pass a person smoking.  Living in San Diego where the smoking laws are pretty tight, I am not subjected to dealing with public places being smoke-filled - I didn't like it when I smoked and I sure couldn't accept it now. So my solution, should I come across an indoor smoky situation, would be to avoid/leave/just not go. I don't believe in preaching to smokers, certainly got my hackles up when I smoked and someone felt free to make comment/judge me.  Personally, I wish the public would be as finicky with the alcohol problem - still can't figure out why it's OK to promote beer like it was soda!  OK, so I digress, enough already eh I trust my next blog will be a TADA!