Bath Project cont'd...

Blog Post created by Yess on Jun 3, 2017

So it's 2 weeks in and a lot of stuff happening!  With the hole in the bathroom floor enabling great access under the house, a side project was accomplished - yay.  The house (cottage) was built in 1941 and is on a raised foundation and before I bought it, a lot of water had got under there; over time I'm sure as we are in sunny La Mesa (San Diego county).  Well, there were pilons sinking and we had discussed 2 years ago when I moved in, that we needed to add more support but so many other projects were going on this one didn't get done. We did put a french drain all across the back and side so water doesn't get under there anymore.


Looking under the house last week, we could see beams bowed so it was more than time to fix it! Wow, that also fixed other little problems such as a door got straightened, along with the wall it is attached to and no more bouncy spots in the floor; plus I no longer feel like I'm running downhill from the bathroom to the bedroom! Took me awhile to get used to that feeling!


On top of that, again because of great access, 3 dripline water stations have been installed on the outside bathroom wall where we built the back porch/deck last year. One of these stations also feeds a line under the house to the front garden - looking forward to automated watering, woo hoo! My backyard is large and is a steep hill, I have bushes alongside the perimeter to afford some screening - watering that perimeter is arduous and takes hours.


Then, on Friday I came home to a functional bathtub! It is set up temporarily and they will disconnect/reconnect as needed while doing inside walls etc next week.  I was over the moon last night and it almost felt like a celebration gift for my 100 days!  The timing was awesome as I was tired and achy since I started a new treatment for my neuropathy that has been intense, and quite frankly my body felt beaten up so a soak in the tub was just the ticket! 


Again, last week, a cigarette pack was forgotten and left on the back porch and I just had to make myself ignore that I even saw them - not fun but was doable.  So I spoke with both of my worker friends last night and asked them to try and not leave cig packs lying around (they have spares in their vehicles so they don't really notice or miss them) as I don't need these kinds of tests to my commitment! They didn't think about it as they've always known me as a smoker and it's cool that they are proud of my quitting and will be more diligent about taking their packs with them when they leave; boom, onward we go.