Bath Project

Blog Post created by Yess on May 26, 2017

What a week! Monday night after work, two shocked workers are showing me a 3 x 4 foot hole in the floor and the edge of a 4" concrete slab!  It was not in their minds to be using a jack-hammer inside the house!  We still haven't figured out why a concrete slab 4"thick would be poured into a 5 x 4 ft bathroom floor!  Hmm, I thought my bathroom was 5 x 4 1/2 ft - that 6" is what I "will" have when it's finished!  Anyway, despite that setback, on the first day no less, the new sub floor is laid and today we shall be shopping and picking up my new (deep) tub.... yay! Hopefully the new loo and sink/vanity too. 


So how has it been with them both being smokers? Not bad at all and I had quite the test on Monday night after they had left.... Brian had forgotten his cig pack in the garage - I did look to see if it was just an empty pack but no, 6 sticks were in there... ooooh, was I tempted?  Not really because my sane thinking kicked in instantly (thank goodness).  I knew that if I lit one (I have a gas stove - no problem to find a light at home!), I would be so disgusted with myself I couldn't stand it and I can actually still taste that bad, smoky, dirty, taste from the last one I smoked in February!  Isn't that amazing, to still sense that taste?  It's my saving grace huh  So I am learning what it is to be diligent about protecting my quit!


And, just a note, my quit buddy at work is also still successfully in his quit, I'm so proud of him!  We share the ups and downs we've had and even though he is not a member here, I am impressed with how he is aware and insightful as if he was!


Well, I'd better get ready - this is a great start to my 4-day weekend off work!