77 Brings to Mind an Old TV Show!

Blog Post created by Yess on May 10, 2017

So, who remembers 77 Sunset Strip? (day before it was 76 Trombones!)  Just about everything I think of can bring a song to mind and I've been humming this to myself since 77 days yesterday - wow, 11 weeks.... it feels soooo good. I decided to have a breathing test to establish a baseline so I can see my improvement down the road.  Being a visual type person, this will help me see reuslts as well as feel them.  The comparison with yesterday and my last testing in 2014, there is a slight but perceptable improvement. 2014 was when I was diagnosed with beginning COPD - I was so stunned and still feel disgusted with myself when I see that acronym in my health chart - I never even coughed, had no idea this was happening! And it still took another 3 years to see common sense huh! Oh well, no sense in dwelling on it - I am thrilled to be moving forward and keeping my quit as the most important thing in my life today.  My absolute strongest support system for this is right here with you all on EX! I feel so grateful today