I Did It!

Blog Post created by Yess on Apr 28, 2017

Yes, I got to the top of that mountain and it felt great!  I was very surprised at myself because my pace was pretty good despite my misgivings. The poles made such a difference, they gave support and confidence, it was amazing. My daughter took us on a quieter route with fewer switchbacks and climbing over rocks - I loved it. The pic at the signpost was because it read that the trail was difficult ahead - I understood later, when it got pretty steep.  My friend had never walked Cowles and joined us - no sweat for him or my daughter - they are younger and fitter; he is an avid tennis player and my good friend. Somewhere along the trail I declared "thank heavens I don't smoke!" We tried to capture some of the scenery but it was very overcast and as we neared the summit mist blotted out what we'd just walked through!  A rest break afterward at the Trails Cafe  - coffee, side of bacon and buttered toast (it's what I craved) never tasted so good  A good

soak in Epsom Salts bath at home, then a nap;just started the trailSuch a great feelingpretty easy start what a great day!