What a Special Week!

Blog Post created by Yess on Apr 22, 2017

Indeed!  It has been hectic and wonderful  I celebrated my 70th birthday this week (April 19), starting with a surprise birthday party my daughter pulled off on Tuesday evening (18th).  I honestly thought I was meeting her to go out to dinner so the surprise - finding special friends all gathered as I entered the house, was huge and I loved it!!! I still marvel at how she pulled this off and got my friends to all attend on a busy weekday.  Then on 'the' day, at work I received flowers and gift cards and just very special attention - sure makes one feel loved!  As I was leaving for the day, a co-worker said "I forgot the cake" so we had birthday cake at  work the next day - woo hoo, 3 days in a row!  I've loved my job, boss and co-workers at this school site from day one (October 2007) - it's why I don't want to retire yet!  So, at the party, my former smoking buddy (not the one that quit same time as me), this lady and I used to go for coffee, chat & smoke and wind down the week, on Fridays after work.  Ironically, serendipitously, since Feb 22 neither of us has been able to meet up on a Friday after work - for 2 months! - which has been great because it was (for me) a secret; until I felt comfortable spreading the word beyond my boss, family, a close friend and my work quit buddy.  So, she leaned over to me and asked "you quitting?" I forgot that I had told her in January that I was visualizing being a happy non smoker by the time I reached 70 or sooner; she remembered that!  I turned to her and said "I've been quit for 2 months!"  She was stunned and happy and proud for me/of me  It felt soooo good to share the news at last!  I still have the Cowles Mountain-climb challenge, scheduling is the problem but it's still a plan. Besides I want that photo for here and FB!