A Different Life

Blog Post created by Yess on Mar 30, 2017

It didn't occur to me that life would be so different as a non-smoker.  It's early days to be sure but what a change.  I wasn't really looking forward to being home on spring break because of dealing with the quit "alone" and without my work routine.  On Monday that first non-working weekday was a tough one and someone on this site suggested I do things that I ordinarily would not be able to do because of work - wow, what a concept!  It's hard to believe I have found it so difficult to be on "vacation", guess I depend on being at work - need to look at that a bit more closely.  Anyway, I took that advice (thank you) yesterday and drove out to Borrego Springs, CA., to meet up with my family camping out there. No, I didn't see the desert flowers - that was a good hour further north from their cabin/campground.  It was a beautiful drive though,a couple of hours through winding mountain roads via Julian; the wet winter made a spectacular landscape to drive through. The campground was nestled int the desert mountains with hot springs feeding multiple swimming pools - what a treat! It was delightful too to see my family completely unplugged - no wi-fi, phones, tv.  We are talking mom, dad and four grandchildren 4 to 14 yrs old. They hike a lot as a family and the desert was no exception.  We lazed in the pools, grilled an evening meal, watched the sunset, and I drove home afterwards.  My daughter was thrilled that I showed up and that meant a lot to me.  I am blessed with a beautiful little family