And #5 is Still Alive!

Blog Post created by Yess on Mar 29, 2017

Gosh, it seems so long ago that I wrote #5 is Alive on my fifth day of quitting and here I am saying 5 weeks - woo hoo!  It feels good to know I am doing this in spite of the the craves, in spite of the grief and, I added another reason to stay quit..... I have asked my daughter - yes, I finally shared with her - to take me up to the top of Cowles Mountain on my 70th birthday, this April 19!  I know that if I ever take one puff I will doom myself to shortness of breath and certainly would not be able to climb the mountain.  I am thrilled at the prospect of making it to the top again.  The last time was on my 65th birthday.  Since that climb I have been devastated with the diagnosis of polyneuropathy where my legs from the knees down to the bottom of my feet don't always work optimally. At times it's like walking through mud.  However, I have found a stretching and strengthening program that is helping me in a big way and, drum roll.... I bought some walking poles!  I am going to do this NMW!  It's a really big challenge as I don't like heights either