Good Grief

Blog Post created by Yess on Mar 27, 2017

It's Monday and I am on Spring Break (I work at a school) and boy it has been a struggle so far this morning. It's a cool and cloudy day here in San Diego which ordinarily would feel perfect for working in the yard.  Yet today I feel a little bereft - I am out of my routine and feeling adrift as the urges have been strong since I rose early.  So, at 11 a.m. I am still in my robe as I didn't want to get dressed and be tempted to go to the store and do the unthinkable!  I have been sitting on my couch doing some mending (sewing) work for my daughter and family for the last 2 hours - I would usually do this in the evening while watching TV but this morning is was therapeutic- keeping busy and productive. I decided to check my email and found that Magstoyou had "connected" with me which prompted me to the site again.  The first thing I saw was Mag's blog about reaching her 2yr quit..... what an inspiration she is and I am so grateful to see this at a time of need.  I feel now that I can get dressed and go out there and play in the dirt Thank you, thank you!