Blog Post created by Yaya2.6.10 on Sep 17, 2017

Many of you don't know me because I have wandered away from this site.  I quit more than 7 years ago.  My husband and I with 2 dogs were some of those crazy people on I-75 fleeing Irma and then struggling to get home.  Our home was mostly okay and the broken AC unit has been repaired.  Our freezer and frig had to be emptied.  We found a good place to stay in Georgia and endured 12 hours without power there.  We are so grateful for it all.  While reorganizing things, I decided to look in my closet for a purse that is larger than the one I've been using.  I had 9 black purses of various sizes.  When I checked inside to see about pockets, etc., I found 7 cigarette butts.  Oh my, how gross is that?  I'm so glad I don't do that anymore.  I can't imagine the evacuation and all while also craving nicotine.  I didn't Quit expecting to evacuate due to a hurricane, but that is one more reason to be glad I did.  I hope everyone is safe and watch out for Maria.