No more excuses

Blog Post created by Xraysheila on Feb 23, 2021

The big day! No more excuses. TOMORROW 2/24/21.

I have been quietly lurking on this site since I joined in January. I tried hypnosis in December, and would say it worked, or at least REALLY helped. The hypnotist gave me all sorts of coping tricks. The one I did not foresee is my difficulty with living with an inside smoker and my anger as triggers. 


Through reading accounts on here, I learned more about triggers and dealing with them, and as far as living with a smoker, this is MY QUIT. I don't need to worry about that smoker. That is an excuse. Because I had regressed and started smoking again, albeit MUCH less than before December, I have bought some nicotine patches to help me get back on course. I do not smoke at my part-time, one day a week job, so tomorrow morning I am putting on my patch before I go to work to help me when I get home.


I can do this, this is MY QUIT.