No More Excuses

Blog Post created by WhispersQSMB on Feb 15, 2021

If you have been struggling with a nicotine addiction, many excuses can be used for remaining as you are. All these excuses do is take away your power. What you need to understand is that all the people who have managed to break away from addiction also had plenty of excuses for remaining as they were; the difference is they did not allow these excuses to keep them trapped forever. So long as you remain focused on excuses, you have no real hope of breaking free of addiction




Start making choices, make the choice not to smoke. The excuse that you can’t function without nicotine only apply to right now; you can choose to learn new coping strategies that are going to not only allow you to cope with smoke free/nicotine free living, but to also help you find happiness. Addiction robs you of your self-esteem. This not only deprives you of your confidence, but it can also trick you into believing that your current situation is the best you can hope for.





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