The Straw

Blog Post created by WhispersQSMB on Nov 8, 2020



I used a straw cut to the size of a cigarette when i quit and had a craving, i would pull on it for 2-3 seconds hold it in and exhale. I had given this to a friend that was hooked on e-cigg/vaping. He was hooked on Puff Plus the watermelon. 5% (50mg). For those that don't know it taste like a light cigarette the 5%, vape pens are anywhere from 200-1200 puffs per disposable pen. This pen is popular out here as it has 800 puffs(juul are 200 = to a pack), uno mas is 1200 puffs but not as popular. These vape pens dehydrate your mouth, your tongue will be white in no time from puffing..



  My point here is the same way we go about quitting cigarettes holds true with vaping. Tommy is over 6 months quit and paid it forward by sending me a pizza as a thank you. I thought i would share with all of you