Blog Post created by Wendyjok on Mar 11, 2018

I so appreciate everybody's support today. Oh oh oh....  I wish this would get better. On the verge of tears(AGAIN), probably ruining any kind of relationship I had with my significant other, as he doesn't get it. I'm just feeling like a total turd right now...So this is my plea:


For all of you newbie quitters out there I will say this:

   Nothing, nothing about this journey is easy. Some days it absolutely sucks and you want to smoke more than ever.! YOU make a choice and the choice is yours no matter how many times you want to get mad, punch something, cry, cry a lot, it sucks really bad. I'm only being so honest about this because it  really hurts me and  these last couple of days have been hell. Absolute hell. But through it all, I haven't given into my 32 days of freedom! Yea!

That is the one thing I can say about everything that I've done over the past 30 some days... I feel better physically -just feel better- I can breathe- I can live- I can sing without feeling like I'm going to die. But, the addiction will try to get you..... it'll try to get you bad!  JUST get through it please...... keep going. I have listened to the elders, GOD BLESS THEM....all of them have gone through the same thing I'm going through now, I'll get through it. One day at a time- one tear it a time - I'll get through it.WE will get through it . JUST KEEP GOING....YOU CAN DO IT! NOT ONE PUFF!