I am home and playing a waiting game

Blog Post created by Wanda45 on Mar 10, 2017

Thank you all for the encouragement, love, and hugs I received from my post yesterday.  I really needed to say what I said yesterday more for me than anyone else.  To convince me how stupid it is to continue to smoke, when all I have to do is put them down.  I am preparing to quit.  I know better than anyone else that it has to be done.  I know how difficult it is and I know that there are wonderful folks here who will support me, and help me.  


I have been discharged from the hospital and have to take it easy, the doctor's are making a game plan, and will call me Monday with a schedule for surgery.  I will be going to Dallas to Baylor for the surgery.


I am glad to be home, and look forward to sleeping in my bed tonight.  I have to take it easy, monitor the blood pressure, and I have to practice "pitiful".  I can't get out in my yard to weed my flowers.  I told my daughter, I can't lift anything so she and the boys have to do the clothes and wait on me.... I might actually enjoy this.


This morning around 2:00 my nurse assistant came into the room to take my blood pressure.  He is a cute little Asian dude named Rey.  The machine started, stopped, and restarted.  All of sudden he screams, and starts patting the machine.  I asked what was wrong, then the machine displayed my blood pressure, and he giggled and danced like Sponge Bob and Patrick chasing jelly fish.  Then he says "This machine was trying to tell me the pressure is at 200, but I won and it is 114."


I promise he acted like a machine whisperer. 


They did take it again and it was good.


Have a good night, and know you are wonderful folks that I care about very much.