Newbie! Day 10 of being smoke free!

Blog Post created by WDWfan on Sep 4, 2017

I'm so grateful to find this site today! I want this so badly for myself.. some of these 10 days have been easier than others. Sometimes I think I might cave, others I'm so proud of myself. Which might sound crazy to anyone other than an ex-smoker. I am 53 and have smoked for 36 years. I want this so badly! But I know that I will do better with a true support team! I NEVER ask for anything for myself, but today I'm going to change that! I need your support! Is there anyone that would be willing to take my hand in this journey? I'm a 53 year old Mom of 2 amazing young men, 20 & 21, that I'm so glad didn't pick up this horrible habit from their father & I! They're far too smart for that! I have smoked for 36 years and desperately want to be free of this addiction. I want to be free! I want to be in charge of me! I need a friend or MANY friends to help me on my journey!