Did my first post get lost or posted?

Blog Post created by WDWfan on Sep 4, 2017

Today is only day 10 for me & I just found this site today but already know that's going to play a huge role in my journey! I've already had a couple of members reach out to me and I'll be forever grateful for their support. I thought that I had already posted my first blog, but I can't find it. I'm not very techy in the first place & the last 1- days, I've been so distracted and everything seems to require so much focus.. idk, but I certainly hope the concentration level gets better because I feel so distracted and crazy! My original "first" post stated my story & my journey.... I fear repeating myself as my young adult children and friends say that I tell stories 300 times! lol, I'm only 53, my memory's not that bad! But the last 1- days... yeah! I'm so glad to be here, and I NEVER ask for help, but I know that I will fare better on this journey with the support of someone that has gone before me on this journey! So please, I need a support system be stay strong and smoke free after 36 years of this addiction!