46 days today

Blog Post created by Vwdeb on Mar 14, 2019

I’ve made it 6 weeks! I am definitely breathing easier! I have used my cig savings to get facials and massages and that has been very nice!  I still have cravings, but I don’t give in and they pass.  For anyone out there who is struggling..... if I can do this, so can you...... I quit at the height of my smoking.  I really committed to it and told everyone I could, to stay accountable. I am so thankful for becomeanex.org!  One thing I did, that has helped is bought a Fitbit watch- it tracks my steps and general health.... when I get a craving I use it as my go to .... to divert my attention, while the craving passes. It also helps me track my weight... as I do not want to gain as a result of quitting