Some times i just wish

Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Apr 3, 2017

Some times it would be nice to turn the clocks back if I could do that i would never ever started smoking and My husband and I would never have smoked in front of our children when they were young.....But i just wanted to say i cry inside a lot because when they were young i was like a chain smoker and my husband was to....and we smoked a lot and they watched a lot and so on before I knew it and found out they smoked they were already addicted to smoking just like me....How could i let this happen i don't know why they both smoked even after their Father pasted away. I was watching both of my sons this week and they are grown children but they are still my babies and always will be my babies  but it makes me so sick with worry over how much they to get them to STOP now with me. If i could only turn back the clocks i think i would of stopped smoking when they were born...and i wouldn't have the health issues i have now.But i know i can help them stop if i can just get them into the EX. I WILL TRY MY BEST because smoking is not a option. N O P E