Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Mar 3, 2017

I Thought i'd write and tell you about my trip to NML. I'm now on 167 days smoke free. Boy oh Boy i feel great.But it wasn't always easy.There was nights I had bad Dreams about smoking.I would not be able to fall back to sleep, so I would get up and write a blog.or do something. I had days where I felt so depressed i didn't think i could handle anymore.....I wanted a cigarette BAD.... But really did i want one....NO I didn't  because I wanted to become smoke free a long time and I didn't  want to lose my Quit.So i talked to somebody and wrote blogs again.The Elders are here to talk to us and help us get though the bad times and good. Most times they are here 24 hours a day are some time in between. I Would have longer periods as the weeks went by.....the need for a cigarette.......I would think I got this. I still get urges here and there .But I will not Quit on my Quit......Just wanted you to know it gets easier because we all want this QUIT. But like i said here and there i do have strong urges.....But i do what i need to.i do things that will help me like breathing in and out and in and blow out.......helped me anyways.....But in the long run I LOVE ME AND OTHERS LOVE ME.....I WON'T QUIT ON MY QUIT.      FREEDOM FROM SMOKING....WE ALL CAN DO THIS FOR US AND OUR LOVE ONES.