Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Feb 10, 2017

I Joined the EX in September and I didn't really say much about me.... so thought i'd tell you a little about me. I'M 55 years old and i was a smoker for about  way to long.... I Smoked since i was about 15 i started smoking thinking i was real cool because everyone else did it. Guess i wasn't so cool after all.... before i knew it i was hooked i kept telling everyone i could quit when i wanted to. You just don't think about getting hooked like that and some thing can keep you going back for more. I kept coming up with excuses way i was still smoking. i said things like i just don't  feel like stopping yet and so on.IT will get you.... i'm from Pennsylvania and lived here all my life. The smoking didn't come easy it came mashing in hard it came hitting me full blast with some health issues... Been working on them day by day...getting better each day slowly but getting there. When i found the EX i was so happy finally i had somewhere to go and talk to others about the same things that was happening to me to be able to vent when i need be .But i just wanted to say a little about me so you know i'm just like a lot of people here i smoked and i will NOT SMOKE ANYMORE...... NOPE