I Want to write a blog?

Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Feb 9, 2017

I WANTED to come and write a blog, because i didn't write any for a long time...but when i sat down I THOUGHT  what should i write about well there is lots to say and SHOUT FIRST I'M ON 145 days NO SMOKING AND I  feel good. ok so what to do now ? i want to help someone with quitting smoking or do something productive with myself. And I WANT You all to know i like the new EX. AND guess what i'm getting better at finding things. lol Thankyou all that helped me get through it and finding myself alot of times....but now know how to get around to where i'm going. Might take me awhile but i get there.  i do have another problem one thats embarrassing and i don't know if anyone has this but i been gaining weight. alot in my eyes what does everyone do about that? help !!