I thought I would stop to give a shout!!

Blog Post created by Violet_Quit on Jan 26, 2017

It's been awhile since i Blogged..... I was on vacation over Holidays into the New year. I came in a couple times and peeked to see whats been happening. Was thinking maybe i didn't need you all any more because i was holding my own.But you know thats not true i been smoke free 131 days now wow can't believe i made it this far.. and it wasn't the easyest i think about it and you know what i didn't make it without you. You all were in my mind the whole time. When i had trouble and there was a couple  times i wanted to smoke so bad but i thought about all the things you said to me and the things i read i knew i needed  the EX  and the people here. Because this is a long road to go and i'm hanging in there. I will not quit on my quit. THANK YOU