Dizzy Day Two

Blog Post created by Victoriacam on Jan 27, 2018

I am telling you, I am a Professional Three day quitter! I have done theses three days so many times...  The question is WHY? Today is the Dizzy day, the fog has mostly lifted. My energy is a nervous energy; gotta move, gotta move kind of thing. As I have mentioned, I am a retired American living in Portugal. We live in the southern most part called The Algarve. We have literally miles and miles of walking paths along the gorgeous cliffs. So my husband says to me this morning, "Come on, get dressed let's go Cliff Walking (that's actually what we call it)". So I say to him, in a not quite subdued voice, "Are you trying to kill me!!!" So my dear hubby has, oh so wisely, decided that today is a good day to get some of the guys together (not here) for a band rehearsal.


NOPE, I will not smoke today or ever. Today I do believe I will tackle the pantry. I can do this, I can do this!