Day One

Blog Post created by Victoriacam on Jan 26, 2018

I haven't quite figured my way around this site yet. Blog, Conversation, Update, Status. Where does one write? Well here I am, we'll try this spot since it says "share your thoughts". Hey give me a break! First off I am closer to seventy than sixty, my grandkids know more about this tech stuff than I do. Secondly and probably more importantly, my head is in a fog right now. You know, the type where you sit down to do something and then a couple of minutes of just staring without thoughts or purpose, you "come back" and ask yourself, "Now what was I doing"?


Yes I have thought a bunch of times; "oh good, when this nonsense is over I can run down and get a pack of ciggies", and then fortunately the brain fog kicks in, I stare into space, come back and think, "What was it I was doing"? No tears, no emotion, no energy, just blah. Hum....what will tomorrow bring? Whatever is thrown at me I have my "toolbox" ready and an entire ex-community of new friends to help me through.


No wine for me tonight! Can you imagine, I'd be like the zombies in the Night of the Walking Dead! Hubby is off to a gig tonight so I am going to enjoy leftovers, flannel p.j's, my fluffy slippers and a creepy Jeffery Deaver book.