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Blog Post created by Vicspin on Oct 21, 2019

Still sucking on straws. Nausea is a little better today. I think part of it is underlying anxiety, along with stomach issues. It was bad last night and I had a nicotine gum which helped. And since the nicotine helped, to me it seems that it is part of withdrawals, for me.


This morning I found some more vape equipment and did not vape, so that is a major deal. I threw it in the bin and if it is still on my mind I will take it with me tonight to throw out at another location. 


Internally I keep going between and kid stomping on the ground (more like stomping in a big puddle and hoping others get wet with me) wanting to feel better and just go back to the old ways of comfort. Can you say self pity? It is also just my disease talking to me, that *******.  The other side is the positive, just keep swimming Dory in my head.


Dory: It will get better 

******* disease: But will it? didn't the old way feel better?

Dory: Just keep swimming - deep breaths now - stand in the sun - jump up and down - focus on work - it will get better

******* disease: got quiet for right now. 


Back to work and sucking on straws and chewing on gum and drinking more water. 

Good luck everyone!!!