3 days - 3 hours - 48 minutes

Blog Post created by Vicspin on Oct 20, 2019

A little better. Able to focus a bit more. Still sucking air through a straw, it helps center me. I also think that if I had continued to smoke/vape breathing through a tube would be normal or it is what breathing would feel like. Just a reminder of what I don't want at the same time as centering me. 


I still feel nauseous! And it is really the worst, So I keep thinking, well if this were a cold then I know it would wear off so I think of it that way, I am sick and I am getting better. 


Did anyone else have nausea when they quit? 


I will make it through today. Someone told me that when they were going through stuff they would just say a short prayer whenever they needed a push "God Help Me". So I wrote it on my hand as a constant reminder. 


Also another thing I heard today is kin of a mantra "I have hope, I have faith, I WILL have a good day"