Withdrawal pains

Blog Post created by Verghese on Feb 4, 2018

Day 2 felt really felt very easy and I was thinking that may not be so hard.  OH boy was I wrong last night I was completely insomniac.  This morning I have a headache, im exhausted, highly irritable, no appetite and the list goes on. 


I have got to day 4 twice now in the last few weeks so I know that day 3 and 4 are likely to be peak withdrawal for the physical symptoms.  Thanks to all of you guys for sending all those great links about withdrawal symptoms and about nicotine addiction because i know this all normal.  I am addicted to nicotine and have gone from 40 a day to zero and my body is feeling some pain.  This is normal and will go away soon.


The last two quit attempts when i got to day 3 and 4 I would be hurting so much that I would make excuses 'i cant do it' or I will just have one, now is not the time blah blah....


This time is different.  I am channeling my inner warrior.  I had two practice runs not failures and the last time nicotine and i got in the ring I was the little lamb.  This morning I googled Mike Tysons greatest knockouts and watched this man confident walking into a ring with men towering over him in size but his confidence and spirit and punch was so strong that he would annihilate them.


SO Withdrawals we meet again.  Last time i was a little lamb and you were bigger and beat me. TODAY I am Mike Tyson get out of my ring or you will feel the pain.