Day 28 

Blog Post created by VAPEASDEADLY on Apr 4, 2019

looking wet and cold in Omaha, feel chilled and headaches.  I am glad nicotine is off my back, but I really need to get out of the emotional funk i've been in since winter began here in October ..

We have a busy summer ahead. In a little over a month, my son and i will be going to our cabin in Colorado for a week and then to my daughter's law school graduation in  Boulder.  Today is a kick off of a major project here at work, and I will be busy.
I found Zen Sounds Youtube. I have it running in background, Right now the one i am listening to is letting go of fear, worry and destructive energy. have had it on for 30 minutes my focus is changing (for the better) ..

As I go through the emotions of life without nicotine, it is helping reduce anxiety in a big way. I am not sure how or why, maybe the damned Placebo effect, but i will take it.

For anyone new to a quit.  I can't emphasis enough the need for food, water, exercise, meditation and if you do such, prayer. 
My wife giggled at me, munching on a bowl of cereal this morning, having not seen me eat breakfast on a regular basis for 30 years is new for her.

Keep in trudging people.  I will follow up later tonight when i get home.