3/26/19 - Day #19

Blog Post created by VAPEASDEADLY on Mar 27, 2019

Starting to realize a couple things about detoxing the body now. it includes, meditation, prayer, exercise and activity of just moving. Motivation is difficult. Feeling as if the fog has me stuck in a bit of a muddy bog. Like the advertisements for exercise equipment, a body at rest stays at rest. I need to nudge myself a bit to get moving.


things to do.


1. take 5 minutes /an hour away from desk at work, walk the hall.

2. Work  on planning days more effectively. (never been my forte')  

     a. Work

     b. Home


3. Eating is becoming important, it is something I will also need to watch in terms of gaining weight.  I am near an ideal weight now. I don't want to blow up like a balloon or waste away as I was with Nicotine. I find eating is an ez change for the oral thing Vape pen gave me. carrots, celery, pretzel sticks. help quite a bit


4. Social engagement. Something I probably need to work on, but it's not in my wheel house to do. I tend to be anti-social. Prefer dogs over people. (even family)  People tend to come with notions and expectations. Dogs don't.


5. the future, thinking about the 4 yrs to come before retirement and retirement along with little sidebars along the route.
Anxiety, fear seem to be tied inexplicably to the future. uncertainty about the economics of retirement.
those are things going through my head on A DAILY basis, and tend to be stressful thoughts which have preceded nic slips in the past.