3-15-19 # Day 8

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#Day 8
Lots of head games happening ..
Morning was marked by wake up with chest congestion, foggy head. Shower, and nose rinse.-
driving in feeling the raised anxiety level thinking about the quit. 
rode bike 3 miles yesterday after work to burn some of the crazy ass crap off.
Hopefully these head games i've been on start lessening in intensity. I know intellectually it is part of the body / brain correcting itself, but i am needing relief from the mental fog and self imposed terror resulting from  it.
I find myself praying, breathing and meditation right now as this stuff seems to want to be in my brain now.
Entry 10:37 AM
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11:37AM - still morning anxiety, made a phone call to a long time friend in AA . Discussed how it feel.

12:30 lunch with wife/MIL/SIL


Thoughts jumbles and wild all day. mind races.  been walking and breathing, but need to do more.

Will close today entry and return before bed.