Quit Journal Day #7

Blog Post created by VAPEASDEADLY on Mar 14, 2019

Foggy Rainy Morning (both outside, and in the head)

clearing gunk from throat and breathing meditation exercises. Anxiety not present (right now)


Thought about yesterday a bit for those who may be struggling through.
Observing the interplay between anxiety and "the crave".  I will feel a sense of stress building  and then the thought builds, if allowed to it will crescendo into a crave wave.  Interrupting the stress cycle as i felt it building yesterday, i got up away from my desk and took a walk down the hall.  Go to the lunch room get a glass of water, ginger tea or something. It was enough to get me through another day.


I felt ok, Been a week. Game on. I am feeling better in terms of not wanting nicotine, but the brain fog and some phlegm is hitting. 
I read some place here or else where the 2nd week to 4 week is a matter of the lung and brain begin clearing .
I tend to be going back through lifetime of minitua, as i think about this quit .


I am finding behavioral aspects of my life going back 45 yrs or longer, as it relates to building walls around myself. 


1:16 listening to a youtube Meditation audio in the back ground .
Letting go of mental blocks.

there is an entire series. It is calming newagy stuff. But I am game for anything as it does seem to help.


Noted - took a walk up and down the hall at work just to get some nervous energy, mental fog and drowsy, mixed up 
Sleep did kind of suck last night but that was because I had and extra 85 lb dog on my bed who wanted out at ZeroDarkZero. After review, will monitor as fog lifts each day record it  I will be glad when our grown children move WITH there dogs to their OWN homes.  This year has a lot of planned changes coming our way and Nicotine has no place in my future. 
keepin' on.


update 2PM - My appetite finally seems to have come back from a zero point requirement to something more like should be.
I may have to watch the treats, but I damned glad i can eat. Man.  That was the scary part of the nicotine, you don't notice you are starving yourself into a state of anorexia.

3PM - took a walk,down the hall again the stinking thinking slipped in. Move and breath, move and breath.
Back to the meditation sounds.


'Wax - on, Wax - off" , "breath-in, breath-out".